Finegic Loan Management

Cloud-based financial technology management solution specifically designed for organizations who are looking to manage their financial data online easily. Comprised of different applications which also include Loan Management and Companies Monitoring Management.

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FINEGIC Benefits

Wondering why you should use FINEGIC Cloud Management? There are countless number of benefits how FINEGIC can help you grow.


You can get you company's data from anywhere you are via any devices such as your PC at the office, your laptop at home and even your mobile phone when you are on the go. Faster decision making.

Responsive Design

We understand that the trend shows many people are accessing their data using their mobile phone. So, we have designed FINEGIC to be responsive and easily viewed not only on desktop/laptops but on your mobile phone as well.

Easier Collaboration

By using FINEGIC, it makes it easier for your team to collaborate together and save time from doing redundant work. Everyone will also be updated always to the latest information, wherever they are.


In FINEGIC, we aim to automate as many possible manual processes including auto generating the scheduled payments and sending out reminders. This will help you reduce costs and time on repeating tasks.


One of the benefits of using system to manage your data is that you can forecast what’s next. By using Finegic, you will be able to view your borrowers’ behaviour and identify good paymaster and also identify risky accounts

OfficeCentral Integration

Are you using OfficeCentral Accounting to manage your accounts? By using Finegic, you can easily transfer the data into OfficeCentral Accounting and reduce manual work process.


Finegic Loan Management is a solution designed special for Medium and large-sized organizations that provides loans to their clients.
By centralizing the data, you enable your team to collaborate to achieve your business aim. Finegic also automates your processes for you so you can reduce your time and expenses spent on manual processes.

Standard Modules & Functionalities


  • This module manages your borrowers. You can view the list of your borrowers, the details of the loan, loan balances, last payment received and the next payment due date.
  • Under the payment details, you will also be able to see the schedule of payment for the loan which is automatically generated by the system based on the selected calculation, the actual payment received from borrower and the amount due for delayed payments.


  • Under Revision Management, here you are able to review and revise the loan contracts and also be able to set and view the following:
    • Set Balance Amount
    • Payment Frequency
    • Interest Rate
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Repayment Schedule


  • We understand that sending frequent reminders manually will consume a lot of your time. Therefore, the system is designed to help you to manage the reminders automatically
  • This will save you a lot of time and ensure all reminders are sent on time. Reminders can be sent via email and sms*. (*Additional charges may apply)
  • The module includes:
    • Payment Frequency
    • Due Date
    • Content
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Solution Implementation

We don’t just provide solutions. We provide assistance and support to make sure that you can successfully implement Finegic at your company. We want you to be successful when using Finegic and grow your business efficiently. That’s why we have a dedicated “Customer Success Department” in the business to help you become successful. They are not only experts in the system but also in financial and business operations.


Once you have purchased Finegic Loan Management, our team will sit together with you to understand your requirements and assist you in configuring the system to cater to your needs.


Once your requirements and configuration is completed, a training will be arranged with your team to ensure that the team understand on how to use and implement the system in your company. We will also provide coaching sessions (depending on the package that you purchased) to your team and to help with onboarding and implementation.


After training is completed, you can start using the system and Go Live! Our team will be available to help and provide remote support to you such as email, phone and remote support to ensure smooth implementation and usage at your company.


We are a team who is passionate in helping organizations like yours to grow. We have identified that one of the major setbacks that prevents organizations like yours from growing to your highest potential is the inability to access your company’s data from anywhere you are, whenever you need them.

By providing this facility, you will be able to access your data from anywhere you are, allowing you to control your business and able to make important decisions faster. This allows you to be more competitive than your competitors and fuels your growth potential.

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